Gnome 2.28 released

The newest stable version of the favorite linux desktop environment, GNOME 2.28 has been released.
 Various new user-facing features have been rolled into the codebase, but also of interest is the stuff that’s removed. As part of the progress towards Gnome 3.0, the developers have ripped out crusty old code – there are no longer any applications that depend on esound, libgnomevfs, libgnomeprint, or libgnomeprintui. You can see the full release notes here, or read on for a quick summary of the changes.

  • Epiphany browser has switched from Gecko to WebKit for better performance
  • New utility for managing Bluetooth devices
  • Empathy IM client has reorganised GUI
  • Media Player can navigate DVD menus and resume playback from last position
  • Cheese webcam app has “burst” mode for taking multiple pics in a row
  • Volume control supports channel fading
  • Menus do not show icons by default
  • Power Manager now supports laptops with multiple batteries

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New Features

GNOME Bluetooth
GNOME 2.28 includes the first release of the GNOME Bluetooth module to help users manage their Bluetooth devices. GNOME Bluetooth supports hundreds of Bluetooth devices, including mice, keyboards and headsets. GNOME Bluetooth includes PulseAudio integration for Bluetooth headsets and headphones.
     GNOME Bluetooth also includes support for Internet access through your mobile phone. After pairing your mobile phone with GNOME Bluetooth, NetworkManager will include an entry to use your mobile phone for Internet access.

Empathy Instant Messenger
  • GNOME’s instant messaging and communication application, Empathy, built on the Telepathy communications framework, has gained a number of new and important features to help users communicate.

  • Users are now able to share their desktop with Empathy contacts using the GNOME Remote Desktop Viewer, Vino.

  • Geolocation support using Geoclue has been added for XMPP contacts, such as Jabber and Google Talk. You can view a contact’s location by hovering your mouse over their contact name in the contact list, in the information dialogue or in the Map View.

  • Audio and video chats can now be made fullscreen, and if a contact does not have video, their avatar will be displayed.

Epiphany Web-browser

  • It switches to WebKit from Gecko for its rendering engine. With the exception of some performance enhancements, this change should be invisible.

  • Switching to WebKit also fixes a number of long-standing bugs in Epiphany due to the old Gecko-based backend.


  • Brasero, the GNOME CD/DVD Burner, now supports the ability to burn data across multiple discs and has added a graphical display to show space used on discs before burning.



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