Comparison of PostgreSQL and MySQL

The following are the points that I could gather about PostgreSQL vs MySQL(It has been collected from multiple sources, and based on personal experience, please point out any errors or incompleteness that might have inadvertently crept in):

  • WITH queries, also know as Common table expression(CTE) is not available in MySQL, is available in PostgreSQL.
    (It has been requested from 2006 onwards:
    More Details:
  • PostgreSQL offers more enterprise DB features, provides PL/SQL support.
  • PostgreSQL offers a more detailed and low-level query EXPLAIN result, along with the execution plan, if required. In comparison MySQL EXPLAIN/DESCRIBE results are more limited.
  • PostgreSQL has only one DB engine, whereas MySQL has many like INNODB, MyISAM, etc..
  • MySQL is natively supported in cPanel(widely used server admin panel), for PostgreSQL it has to be installed manually, and support is partial,
    so its easy to find a hosting provider with MySQL support, when compared to PostgreSQL.
  • PostgreSQL follows proper SQL standards compliance, but MySQL doesn’t, so integration with other RDBMSs might cause problems.
  • PostgreSQL supports multiple schemas per database, in MySQL, a datbase and schema can be considered the same, for all intents and purposes.
  • PostgreSQL supports INTERSECT, EXCEPT ( set operations), MySQL does not.
  • PostgrSQL supports merge joins( also calles Sort merge joins), MySQL does not
  • PostgreSQL supports more types of index, like Inverted index, GiST(used in postGIS), bitmap index, reverse index, partial index.


For more details, check out:

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