Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard and mouse combo review.

The MK345 is a well designed wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The first thing that catches our attention is the beautiful design, though not anything over the top, its pretty good. The keyboard is not one of those clumsy, congested wireless keyboards which tries to mimic the key placement of laptops, which ends up being even more unusable than the laptop keyboard. The keyboard and mouse has a pretty, tiny USB receiver, which is one of those unobtrusive, fit it and forget kind. It goes without saying that this receiver stands a good chance of getting lost, if kept somewhere carelessly.

The keys of the keyboard are fairly well spaced, and there is as well positioned sloping arm pad extension, resulting in an amazing ease of typing. I could even type comfortably, placing the keyboard on my lap. The keyboard also has an small green indicator for Capslock, located just adjacent to the On/Off key.

The mouse is contoured with a ridge to place in the thumb finger, which feels really good. And the mouse wheel is slightly wider and rolls well, adding to the ease of use. This optical mouse uses an invisible light(not visible to us), rather than the regularly seen red light.

So, in summary the ergonomics of this combo is pretty good. It worked very well with my LG Smart TV. Both the keyboard and the mouse has separate On/Off buttons. The keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries, whereas the mouse is powered by an AA battery. All the batteries were positioned in their proper positions, within the packing itself, and a plastic splinter was put in it to prevent it from discharging, we simply have to pull out the splinters gently and remove it to get the batteries and thereby the Keyboard and mouse working. The build quality also seems to be pretty decent, and feels to be capable of withstanding quite many key-cycles.

The only con that I felt that some people might feel is that the keyboard is not fully soft-touch, and has a distinct chub-chub sound when you type. It may have to do with my slightly forceful typing style. But nevertheless, am happy with the keys and its touch sensitivity and its typing sound as well, it perfectly suits my typing style. And another rather weird key that I found is the ‘Fn’ key combination with the F12 button, which seems to be triggering the Printscreen functionality when there is a distinct and separate Printscreen button located just adjacent to the F12 key.

Kudos to the Logitech team for their attention to the detail. I bought this from Snapdeal, they had done an excellent deal with packing this, putting the box, sandwiched between two thermocol pieces, which was then wrapped in a thick packing of bubble wrapping. Brownie points to Snapdeal for making the delivery available at my home location, albeit with a minor adjustment in the pincode, which I did after discussing with their customer care personnel, who did a pretty good job handling my questions. There was a slight delay in the initial estimated delivery, but well that had to be expected at this location. Anyhow Fedex delivered it at my home, so all in all this was a pretty satisfactory online purchase to say the least.

This is my first try at reviewing a product that I bought online, as and when I started using it. Actually this is one of the first things I am typing with this new keyboard and mouse combo that was delivered to me today. I started typing this, as a way of testing the keyboard and mouse extensively, but as I typed, it seemed to shape pretty decently, that I decided to share it online. Do let me know your thoughts on it.

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