Hello WordPress!

This is actually my first post in this blog. I just moved into wordpress from blogger. WordPress seems to be more interesting and flexible than blogger. I have also imported the posts from my previous blog(saji89.blogpsot.com). This’ll now be my official blog. Here you can find my latest discoveries, experimentations, experiences, etc.. mostly relating to Opensource stuff. I’ll soon be into active blogging.

I’m now using the gnome-blog applet to post in this blog

I just found out the Gnome applet called “gnome-blog 0.9.1”. Its the GNOME web-blogging applet.. It has a very simple interface… The drawback is that the only other options we get are “Bold”, “Italic” text stylizing and adding links…. Anyways I feel that posting to your blog directly from the desktop is quite an useful feature, as we can avoid a hell lot many mouse-clicks, and page visits….

It can intearct with the popular blogging sites such as blogger.com, livejournal.com,etc…

Adding the title feature does not seem to work.. The title is found along with the blog content…. We just have to put up the title manually… Still you may find this tool useful…

How to add PHP tags to blogs

Hey guys i’ve found out how to add php tags and hence examples to the blog. We just have to replace the ‘<‘ symbol in tags with a &lt; statement, which will render the ‘<‘ symbol for us. Its as easy as that. The problem is that google or blogspot server supports the php and hence when i quote examples, they were actually parsing it, i.e, executing the php code. So in order to prevent that we’ll render the ‘<‘ symbol in the other way, and presto it works. Also put the examples within a <pre> </pre>, it will show the examples as a code-fragment(i.e, in that style).

echo "hello World";

The syntax-highlighting of the code is based on the post-
http://binil.wordpress.com/2007/09/06/formatting-source-in-blogs-hosted-on-wordpress. Now i’ll quote more php examples in the blog.

Why examples are not added for PHP..

I’ve not yet added any example for PHP programs, as i’m unable to show the PHP tags, in the blog.. It simply won’t come visible in the blog, even though I type it. Can Anyone tell me how to make the PHP tags visible..

Please help me, its important..So as to keep the blog ticking… I’ll surely find a way around soon.