How to handle Compiz-Fusion errors.

First of all find out why the Compiz plugin is not working in your system, using the wonderful script by Mr.Forlong. To get the script, visit the page-
And if even the results of the output of the script doesn’t make you understand what the problem is, then report the error, along with the output of the script at the following thread in

Please consider posting at the forum only as a last resort. Try some googling first.
Hope this will help you. Enjoy Your Compiz-Fusion.

How to test the PHP installation.

I had forgot one important component in the PHP programming, the Editor. The editor is very important to help you in efficient programming, it can help you with code-assist, code-complete(tag completion), code alignment, etc..

So now get hold of a good PHP editor(I use Easy-eclipse for PHP), and type in the following code-

<title>PHP Test</title>

This is an HTML line
echo “This is a PHP line”;

This is arguably the most popular PHP code. The above code’s output is the complete information about the PHP version you have installed and its modules..
Try it.