How to add an entry for Zend Studio in your Ubuntu programs list

I had been trying to add a shortcut/entry for Zend studio in my Ubuntu 11.10.  Finally I could find a way to make Zend studio entry come up in the Unity Application search or Filter. Actually its a rather straight forward procedure. Create a file zendstudio.desktop in the /usr/share/applications/ as root, add the following contents to it, using your editor of choice(I used vi editor).

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Zend Studio
GenericName=PHP IDE
Comment=Zend's PHP IDE

(You could check out the above link to find way to add antry for any custom software using the same method).

N.B: Its my first blog post after nearly one year. Hope that I can follow it with more such useful posts.
The above method was tested by me in Unity based Ubuntu. But it should work fine in any GNOME based OS.

Ubuntu themes and customizations

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Also don’t forget to download the compiz-fusion-plugins-extra package, it’ll surely add to the beauty and flexibility of your desktop. Now get ready to amaze your friends and relatives with your very own Ubuntu.