Files related to mini-project

You can find the files related to my mini and main-projects at-
I sincerely hope that atleast some of you’ll find it useful.

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My Mini-Project

As part of our 6th semester we have to do a mini-project. I wanted to do something i the open-source.. Then our guide Sreeraj sir gave us the idea of the project..

Now the project we’re doing is ‘NRI Electoral assistant’, which is aimed at enabling the NRI’s to take part in the electoral process.
As its a web-based project, we chose PHP as the scripting language, MYSQL as the database, and Apache as our server and Linux as the platform. So tat makes LAMP stack as our choice.
And we’re using Easy-Eclipse PHP IDE to code the PHP scripts for the web page. We’re aiming at studying PHP by ourselves, wuth the help of our guide. Hopefully the project will give positive results..