Shell commands for Shutdown/Restart/Logout

I would like to share with you, the linux shell commmands for shutdown, restart and logout. You may find these commands handy if your GUI is inaccesible, due to some particular reason, or if you’re a die-hard terminal/TUI fan.
So, the commands are-

  • Shutdown
  •           saji@saji-laptop:~$ sudo shutdown -h now
  • Restart
  •           saji@saji-laptop:~$ sudo shutdown -r now
  • Logout
  •          saji@saji-laptop:~$ gnome-session-save --gui --logout

N.B: The logout command is for Gnome only. A good PHP script Repository.

This is good page to find useful PHP scripts. PHPfront is a depository of PHP codes and snippets. Learn PHP from these free codes or add them to your own scripts. PHPfront is 100% free to use and supported by its own users. If you would like to add a snippet of code to the site, you can do so on the submit page.
It aims to be one of the biggest free PHP script repositories, but being still in the infancy it needs more users to join and add useful scripts. So as a community it can be made into a very good repository. It will surely help PHP beginners. But, i found some really interesting scripts in its presently small collection of scripts.

See it for yourself at-

How to handle Compiz-Fusion errors.

First of all find out why the Compiz plugin is not working in your system, using the wonderful script by Mr.Forlong. To get the script, visit the page-
And if even the results of the output of the script doesn’t make you understand what the problem is, then report the error, along with the output of the script at the following thread in

Please consider posting at the forum only as a last resort. Try some googling first.
Hope this will help you. Enjoy Your Compiz-Fusion.