Automatic startup of IBus daemon on ubuntu startup

Hi guys, you might have found it difficult to run I-Bus everytime you want to type in your local language. I for one, use it to type in my mother tongue Malayalam. Also being the admin of the team carrying out Malayalam translations of Ubuntu and related software at Launchpad, I use Malayalam a lot. Also I use Malayalam every now and then, while chatting, simply to surprise my friends, mostly Windows users, and even Ubuntu users who didn’t know that such an option existed. all the more, in Ubuntu 10.04 IBus had the Malayalam input methods in it by default, one just had to enable it by selecting the method of his/her choice. So, it’s very useful for me to get IBus enabled at the start of Ubuntu OS. What triggered the idea for this post was a simple doubt asked by one of my friends, Vijay Narayankutty(who blogs at, who like many of us is an opensource software lover. Well, he asked me how we can do this automatic startup, then I thought why not post about it, and make it available to everyone who wants to do the same. Ok then, let’s move on to the stuff. 🙂

Steps to be taken-

  1. Go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications.
  2. Click the Add button
  3. In the resulting window(Add startup program), enter anything for the name(e.g.IBus Daemon) and comment section(e.g.IBus Daemon for language input methods), its for your understanding.
    In command box, enter the following-

    /usr/bin/ibus-daemon -d
  4. Click Add to confirm.

You’re geared up now, next time Ubuntu starts up, the IBus daemon is automatically started, hence you can now switch to the language of your choice and start typing with no further delay.

Ubuntu 9.04 is awesome

The Ubuntu 9.04 has an amazing startup, owing to the new ext4 filesystem, which has very high response times. The Compiz-Fusion makes Ubuntu simply irresistable. This coupled with a few customizations with the Theme(icon-packages+theme) makes my Ubuntu very beautiful. i’m using the ‘Carbon-Gold theme’.

The new Ubuntu has a software called Computer-janitor which I found very handy, as it helps to remove unwanted packages.
Also i’m able to run Windows Xp fully within Linux, using the Sun Microsystems Virtual-Box. Believe me its an amazing virtualization tool.