A train journey of self reflection

Met with a guy in the train today. He is just out from his college, now doing an internship in PHP, at IPSR, hoping that it’ll help him nail his first job, as companies out there was asking him for ‘experience'(The classical chicken/egg problem). He reminded me a lot about myself, more than three years ago.
Just out of the college  I was also looking onto get a straw to hold on(get my first job). It was during that time that the three of us Reshil, Mohazin and I, joined Keltron Bigleap Finishing School(KBFS) for the LAMP internship program  they were conducting. We were also told that the 6 months of internship there, will be counted on as experience, and help us get the first job.
The internship at KBFS taught me, and the others a lot of industrially useful things about LAMP, and helped us get our first jobs, mainly owing to George sir, who was our instructor there, and had a lot of years of experience working in the industry(He was a knowledge bank, I used to pester him with doubts, and he used to answer all those with utmost patience). But, no company considered our time(6 months) as experience. We got our first jobs because we were able to make our respective employers understand that we have learnt and knew how to use a thing or two.
Down the line, more than three years later, now in my second job, I have learnt a lot about LAMP and more. What guided then, and keeps guiding me now, is my all-time friends: curiosity and the want to learn more. I explained the usefulness of both these, to that guy. In our brief conversation, I explained to him how PHP actually executes, why PHP is not exactly an interpreted language, the importance of coding standards(indentation, naming, etc. ) in programming languages, PHP’s standard(PSR)(I feel like I’ll want to put up an article about each of these individually, let’s see where it goes). It always feels good to share what I know with others, especially when the person(s) on the other side is actually interested. I also suggested him go looking deeper, and deeper to understand how things work, it’ll help us appreciate and understand those things better, and make us better equipped to handle those.
He also made me understand how things that I talk about so easily these days, were totally alien to me, when I was at the same stage. I believe that I have been able to spur an interest in him to look deeper, and understand PHP better.(This makes me feel so happy)
So, to programmers out there(at all stages) I would like to say, keep that fire to learn, understand things, that curious person in you, burning brightly. It’ll give you that satisfaction, and help you move ahead. Also, make it a habit to share what you know with anyone who is interested, it’ll only make yourself a more intelligent/knowledgeable person.
I know that I have reached nowhere in my career, but still I see nothing wrong in sharing things that I feel important and true. 😀

1. I haven’t attended the internship program of IPSR, so I don’t know if they’re providing actual projects to ‘interns’, and so, if it’ll actually be considered as experience.
2. This is my first blog post in a long time, and the first one typed from my mobile phone. It was prepared quickly, and is basically a rundown of my thought-train at the moment. So, bear with any mistakes that I might have inadvertently made.